Sunday the 13th marked the  Boxford Bike Club’s Boxford Tornado Sportive. Boxford Bike Club is a very recent addition to the cycle clubs in this East Anglia and the influx of new members with big ideas has been their making as any event, club meet, ride or just popping down the pub is met with healthy dose of spirit and charisma.   Last year the standard was set very high for their Sportive and we have come to expect great things from these guys…. The 2014 Tornado certainly did not let us down. It re-affirmed Boxford Bike Club’s admiration from cyclists and clubs alike that this is how to really put on a Sportive.

Cycle Revolution is available to many Club and Charity sportives, lending a hand to help ensure al riders have full mechanical backup. We had popped along for an early 7:30am start  help out with all things mechanical and provided free Health Checks on participants bicycles, minor fixes of tweeking gears through to pulling headsets apart to get seals and bearing re-seated for the 60 miles that lay ahead for many of the riders.

The Boxford Tornado has been fully booked for a few weeks now and given the weather was nigh on perfect, as I’m sure many of you will have noticed, every single person who was booked to attend turned up to ride this sportive. The course was split into 3 differing routes covering 20, 40 or 60 miles of Suffolk’s best and unspoilt roads all of which headed North of the sleepy village of Boxford with the 60 heading even further north out past the A14. These were uncharted roads for many of the riders, some of whom had travelled from as far as Hertfordshire, however the roads had been chosen with very good care; ensuring minimal punctures, junctions and plenty of sleepy villages to pass through.

Above all the organisation of this event was second to none. The number of people who commented on the superb signage, maps, parking, starting times, cakes and feed stop was pretty much every person (rider or not). Although we did not get to ride the course we (unfortunately) had to rescue a rider with a broken wheel which lead to very nice drive along sunny Suffolk roads, which even we are not familiar with. I think the only person who was not 100% satisfied was the guy who we had to rescue, although he did mention that “sods law wont get me next year” and along with the rest of the riders, supporters and people yet to ride the Boxford Tornado we’re already looking forward to it.

Quite simply,

Dear Boxford Bike Club, Thank you for a wonderful day out.